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Used on Neopets, mainly on a plot group. Also called BM's. I think OLDPD is the only plot group that has them. When a board explodes (reaches 500 posts), a boardmaker will create a new board. I think boardmakers are kind of useless, yet helpful at the same time. Some people don't deserve to be boardmakers. They say boardmakers are chosen from "among long-time, trusted OLDPDers." (copyright Some of the boardmakers aren't even helpful. Some do deserve to be boardmakers. Those peope are nice, funny, and helpful. But most aren't. They just sit there and brag. :/
Boardmaker: Thinking-*Hmmmm...I'm a boardmaker now, so I think I'll post whatever good restock I get, and whenever I get a trophy in a game and whenever I win against a battledome challenger.
by Not Telling. June 08, 2007
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