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The Crud that collects under the keys in a keyboard. Usually more severe in the keyboards of programmers and webmasters as they tend to spend a lot of time at the the computer and thus eat at their desk. Mainly affecting IBM Model M (clicly) style boards.

Can also be used to gross out Non-Techie people
Bill: want to go to the club?
Bob: No, I've got to clean out my board chow, keys are starting to stick.

Bill: Want to go out to get a bite?
Bob: No, i am just going to have some of my board chow/
Bill: Whats' that?
Bob: The food scraps that collect in my keyboard; Want some?
Bill: *GAG* *HURL* *GAG*
by BinaryHackerMan August 26, 2007
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Small food particles and what not that collect in between the keyboard keys.
"No thanks, I don't need lunch. I'll just get some boardchow."
by Robzilla April 09, 2003
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the stuff that comes out of Robzilla's ass
Crap, Robz is eating his boardchow again.
by Anon. April 09, 2003
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