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A pre-determined time of year in which friends compete as to who can "tag the biggest boar" aka fuck the fattest chick!

Proving your trophy is a must, and can be done so in many ways.
1. presenting a video recorded hunt aka sex tape
2. presenting the boar to any weigh station via driving around wth the boar in the bed of your pickup truck either tranqulized (drunk) or alive. Boar hunting is a catch and release sport. Those who do not release their boars give a bad reputation to the sport, and threaten the boar population.
3. presenting the boar's undergarments aka panties, diaper, or tarp.
Dude 1:Ahh yeah you know what time of year it is? its boar season baby time to load up your pump shotguns and fuck some fatties.
Dude 2: Where you wanna hunt first? IHOP or the All you can eat chinese buffet?
by sammythejuice October 24, 2011
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