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One whom has been highly educated about types of weed, rolling blunts, fixing blunts, smoking blunts, and blunt smoking etiquette (very important).
1)"Yo cuz, ask the bluntologist what type of weed we gots here."

2)"My boy Jewelz gotta teach me how to twist that shit cuz i know nothin' about bluntology."

3)"Damn Skals, stop hittin' that blunt out of turn. Don't you know anything about bluntology?"
by Jew Elz November 04, 2005
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The study of being honest and real
Woman #1: Girl, that's look weird of you..change your shirt
Woman #2: That's mean...can't you say it nicer..
Woman#1: No I study bluntology very well
by classymalikat October 04, 2011
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