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The Craft of Blunting, also know as Braft Clunting. This is a martial craft of the spiritual arts that has been passed down by dirty Cubans. Bluntcrafting has been practiced world wide for the use of cannabis. These people who are experienced with this craft are know as Nortenos Ganja Wrapcrafters from the East Side, West Side Zone. If you wish to get experienced in this craft, you must hike to the highest mountain. This mountain is really, really high. You must go against the Elite 4.20.. By surpassing these 4 and a fifth of an individuals who have mastered the spiritual arts of Bluntcraft, you will have achieved the honor of learning how to make dank ass food while they roll blunts for you because you're too stoned and lazy to learn because it takes time and effort and you don't have the energy for that after climbing up that really fucking high ass mountain. If you choose to take the path of the warrior, you will introduced to the Kush King of the Kush Kingdom. The King will teach you this martial craft. If you some how manage to surpass his expertise, he will crown you as the new "Kush King of the Kush Kingdom". Though this title and crown, is simply just a title and crown, you're really just his bitch who now rolls his blunts for him while he nigga lips all the blunts you roll before you get a hit. RIP in peace.
Guy 1: "I decided to go on a quest to master the spiritual arts of Bluntcraft."
Guy 2: "What?! Then why are you just laying on your couch smoking marijuana?"
Guy 1: "Shut up. I'm trying to climb this fuckin' mountain and I'm not there yet!"
by Thugnasty and Puff McDragon August 16, 2016
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