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A bluehead is an old lady who has a blue rinse in her hair.
Usually seen driving 20 miles an hour below the speed limit.
The term was first used in parts of New England but has now spread to other areas where old folk still use a blue rinse for hirsute dyeing.
There's another bluehead holding up the traffic ahead.
by Rafio the Mad Monk July 14, 2009
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Blue Head is a word combination in Israeli slang that is said about another person (most of the time a man) is making a sexual joke from something said by someone else.
(Guy A and Guy B are in a bazaar)
Guy A: Look! That lady has some big melons on sale!
Guy B: She has big melons?
Guy A: Guy B you're such a Blue Head!
by Mr.Lalnon May 30, 2018
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A (usually) brand new account that has not set up their profile. On many services the default avatar is some variant of a blue outline of a head, or a white outline of a head against a blue background. Sometimes known as an "egg" or "egghead".
"I'm not saying there's a sockpuppets here, but my last post the top ten comments were blueheads."
by Resuna December 30, 2017
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When a male jacks off or is givin a hand job but doesn't cum

Can mess you up internally (can make balls hurt and mess up sperm and penis head)
Billy had been givin a hand job and recieved a Blue Head.
by Wootness.J.D.ily December 06, 2008
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