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small town in southwestern virginia where nothing really happens; quite peaceful and quiet
I think I'll go back to bluefield and take me a day off. It's so quiet there, no one would know where I left.
by blue_spectra January 16, 2005
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a place where nothing happens, but half of the girls seem to be pregnant.
they only have one gang...the yea-boyz; which isn't much of a threat.
if you ever choose to move here god have mercy on your soul because boredom will kill you.
the only successful people to come out of bluefield is Producer Young Yerr and NY giant's Amahd Bradshaw and everyone claims they're related to the football player.
but doesn't claim randy moss.
Bluefield sucks blue balls.
Bluefield is the only stupid city to put a clock in the middle of the road in their dead ghost down-town.
by Radquesha July 10, 2008
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a bunch of guys that sit around an get stoned but they don't think that they're druggies because they want to be cool and druggies are losers, they try and talk like they're from upwest but really they're more down east, they judge summersiders when really they should judge themselves because most of them have sex with their entire school and then try and get away with calling other people down, bluefielders are people that should get stolen from on a daily basis
they think that they are really professional because they dont say the word bitch around girls but really all they try n do is fuck them
" hear about the guy who fucked his dog?" "from bluefield ?" " no doubt "
by jakepolland79 January 15, 2013
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