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The Doors reference the "blue bus" in their song, "The End." Other definitions in this site mention that oxycontin may have been referred to as "blue bus" or that it was a reference to the mentally disabled. While it is possible that the first reference has some significance, the second is obviously wrong.

More likely, however, is that this is a direct and literal (not metaphoric) reference to Santa Monica's "Big Blue Bus" system which serves the area of Western Los Angeles, including Jim Morrison's Venice Beach. The Doors were fond of references to LA and it is not surprising that this reference to a local public transit system would go unnoticed and appear confusing to fans outside the area.
"The blue bus is calling us."
"Meet me at the back of the blue bus."
by comradewho April 25, 2011
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Jim MORRISON used double meanings, like most poets. The blue bus refers to going on the public transit, but also refers to earth as the blue bus. We are all on it, heading in the same direction together, the end.
Take a ride with us, on the Blue Bus...
by joekipp April 07, 2015
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"blue bus" was a street name for a powerful painkiller called oxymorphone in the 60's. its mentioned in "The End" by The Doors.

"The blue bus is calling us" = addiction.

Jim Morrision loved him some drugs!

Fuck urbandictionary im only putting blue bus in this example cause i have to. Someone's getting kicked in the heart
by marlborosmooths4life March 03, 2009
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Someone wrote that this is "a bus in which retards travel". In the song "The end" by The Doors, Jim Morrison chants that "the blue bus is calling us", and later "meet me in the back of the blue bus".

Maybe this is symbolizes a state of insanity, as in "come on, lets leave our sanity behind and go crazy together"? This makes some sense in the light of the rest of the lyrics and Jim Morrison`s lyrics and poetry in general.
the blue bus is calling us,
meet me in the back of the blue bus
by Psychotic_Illusion January 10, 2008
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