A law restricting activities or sales of goods on Sunday, which stems from the accommodation of Christian Sunday worship. Many states continue the use of blue laws for the sole sake of tradition. Many states in the Southern United States still practice of these blue laws. These are called Blue Law States.

The blue law is usually referenced with respect to the prohibited sale of alcohol. However, it is often associated with the prohibition of any sales whatsoever.
"I hate Georgia; you can't buy any alcohol from 12AM Saturday to 12AM Sunday. How am I supposed to watch sports on Sunday without any beer? Damn blue laws."
by Shifty Eyed Goat November 6, 2005
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Blue's Law: This behavior occurs during a political debate, most likely, via the internet. When a conservative is over come by logic he/she/it falls back on their primal reptilian instinct of aggression and uses the term liberal in any way in order to deflate the value of an argument or the other debater(s).

As a discussion board thread increases on a conservative forum, the likelihood of this increases, much like Godwin's law.

The accused in question automatically wins the argument regardless of debate ability. The conservative is then laughed out of any gathering for being a simple minded twit.
Timmy 1: I think we as a people should be more concerned with living in harmony with others as it would strength the state of the entire planet.

Timmy 2: Fuck you liberal douchebag pussy. USA USA USA #1!!!!

Timmy 1: I invoke Blue's Law. You're a dick. Go back to 1940s and operate the showers, you nazi.
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To be turned down when trying to purchase alcohol on a Sunday morning because of state laws
On Sunday I got blue lawed, I went to a bar at 11:15, but the bartender wouldn't serve me until noon.
by Tommy Shakespeare February 24, 2011
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