a day when a gender queer person feels more on the masculine side
Taylor isn’t wearing a skirt because it’s a blue day.
by Dani_Phantom June 21, 2020
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Any day off that is planned in advance. These days can be used to run errands, visit friends with different work schedules than you or just lounging around the house in your robe.

These days are best utilized on Fridays and Monday's, however taking one on a Wednesday is a nice mid work week break.

All employers will discourage use of these days.
Mike: I have a lot to do this coming Monday. I think I will take a blue robe day
Scott: ummm....ok? Isn't that like calling in sick?
Mike: yes, but I plan on getting a lot done tomorrow.
by Stinger1793 September 26, 2016
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The blue sky on a sunny, clear, and cold day during winter skiing.

See "bluebird day".
Skiing in the beautiful Cascade Mountains east of Seattle, WA, one might say "it is another blue jay day".

"Blue jay" referring to the incredible blue skies above the Pacific Northwest mountains - when it's not raining or snowing that is.
by thehippychick January 6, 2014
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A high holiday rivaling Christmas among military personnel. Used in reference to the period of time after porta-potties have been emptied during which one can maaturbate peacefully unencumbered by the smell of shit and urine.
"Hey bro, pass me December's Penthouse, it's Blue Water Day."
by motoboner April 4, 2014
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An expression often used by out-of-date ski bums and boarders describing an otherwise beautiful, blue and sunny day. The expression is entirely unrelated to spring or to bluebirds.
Look at the sun! It's a blue-bird day!
by Pretentious Ski Fiend March 1, 2011
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Rainy day blues can be a real bitch to cure. The only proven method known is to find yourself a "Mike". These "Mike's" have been known to bring a smile to any person suffering from the rainy day blues, or RDB's in short. "Mikes" Born in the month of April seem to be the best at what they do. It is believed that that "April Mike's" are made up of %72 rain, and this is why RDB's are his specialty.
Its raining and Im sad...someone get me a Mike to cure my rainy day blues.

by The Cure September 28, 2006
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The bleak feeling one gets in the middle of the week.
I got the Hump Day Blues. I feel like last weekend was so long ago, and this weekend is so far away!
by MrJuice November 20, 2019
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