when one lights his or her own fart with a match or lighter. severe burns may occur such as when edpaffs anus was scorched on 11.30.02 at hammerstein ballroom
by Anonymous October 15, 2003
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Also, a name for a falcon.
I would have more quail, if it weren't for the blue darts.
by ixotl October 6, 2006
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A "blue dart backdraft" can be fatal. "according to some questionable research." A blue dart on its own can be quite amusing. however if the conditions are just right, things can get ugly. A blue dart is when you lay flat on your back,(or for best results get on all fours). Pull your bare ass out, and hold any open flame uncomfortably close to your exposed anus(it might be easier to have a good friend hold the flame) and let one rip. the bigger the better. (great party trick by the way). but if your not careful you may cause a "blue dart backdraft". which is when the blue dart is retracted back into the lower intestine. igniting the remaining methane gas in your bowels. therefore essentially cooking your insides. until you die!
Dude, that blue dart backdraft almost killed me.
by american wetback June 1, 2014
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