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A picture text of a woman giving a blow job to a moster dick next to a blue couch, usually accompanied with a the phrase "Hey I'm selling this blue couch, but unfortunatley this is the the only pic i have of it."
Jeffrey: Hey Alex do you want a pic of that blue couch?
by Carnage1106 June 24, 2011
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A picture of a woman with the largest penis ever created by science in her mouth as she sits in front of a Blue Couch sent in the form of a text to an unsuspecting person with the words "Hey I'm selling this Blue Couch but unfortunatly this is the only pic i have of it so let me know if you're interested."
Jeffrey: Hey Alex, want me to send you the Blue Couch?
by Ze Jeffmeister June 25, 2011
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A couch that you sit on
Except it's BLUE
Guy: oh man you like my couch
Other guy: what couch is it
Guy:a blue couch
by Turtle scarecrow March 08, 2018
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