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A whistle, "cat call", yelp, suggestive comment, greeting or gesture, or any harassment of the sexual kind, directed at a lady from a blue collar worker while on the job. The most familiar blue collar hollers come from construction workers or truck drivers and travel a safe, non-confrontational distance. The motivation behind a blue collar holler is unknown, though many theories have been discussed. Some wonder if a date or even sex is expected from it, but others says it is purely to make a woman feel uncomfortable.
Someone just whistled at me from the top of that building that's under construction. Talk about a blue collar holler!

That blue collar holler that I recieved from that man driving a plumber's van made me feel uncomfortable and disgusting on the inside. I'm pretty sure he had a mullet, but I can't be sure since he was driving away.

My husband and I met in New York when he blue collar hollered me.
by c-burt May 22, 2009
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