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During oral sex, the perfect end to a blow job when your lady traps and firmly holds your cumming cock with her lips and does not let a single drop escape from being sucked down. While you are still cumming, the lady runs her fingers from the root of the cock to the head so that no cum is left in the erection. She sucks out all cum from the cock before removing her fingers. If she is generous and is asked nicely, she may lick up any cum that may drip from the cock as it get smaller. As a gift, she may take the limp, spent cock in her mouth one last time and suck out the last droplets.
A blow perfect can be difficult to achieve if you have not cum in five or six days because the clear watery fluid that usually precedes your ropy jism may be easily lost if you do not shout out that you are about to cum or that your missus does not feel the cock begin to explode and is slow to get her lips around the cockhead. This is when the first watery cum that shoots out can be irretrevably lost by landing on her face or boobs.
I asked the missus for a blow job and because I almost begged for it she gave me a blow perfect by not letting any cum be lost.
by neverdone December 27, 2007
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