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A cheap and desperate female that is so starved for attention that she is quick to unzip a mans pants and inert his penis. These women usually have deflated self esteems and have bimbo names like Cristal or Jaimie.
That blow jobber was eager to orally please my husband.
by suhweetT October 31, 2013
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Someone who has perfected the art of orally stimulating penis through years of training and hard work.
"God, I'm gonna jizz. You're such a good blowjobber, Ryan."
by Mr. bIG D May 27, 2015
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A person who perform the act of oral sex in exchange of money, goods and other services, using the common idea of supply and demand in our capitalist economy.
"Now Children, beware of Mrs. Hairywinkle, she is a blowjobber!"
by RichKSU January 29, 2007
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