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when you experience something so horrific your poop fills your lower bowels and petrifies into a hard ball tearing your anus open and covering your turd with blood. One solid bloody mass.
We heard the screaming saw him crying and clenching ass checks in pain, he could have at least flushed the blood stone he left behind.
by twooldshoes April 13, 2011
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British heavy metal band from town of Corby in Northamptonshire.

Formed in 2001 with the sole desire of pissing off the townie element of their home town, Bloodstone have slowly become something of a fixture at local rock gigs. Their unique brand of True Corbarian Metal combined with their dumbass humour and striking good looks makes this a band that won't be getting famous any time soon.

Certain bizarre rumours circulate the town regarding the band. Most of these are true.
chav1: "oh Daz iz that the twat from Bloodstone?"

chav2: "yeah it is innit"

chav1: "go on deck him"

chav2: "nah I heard they worship glue and sniff Satan or somethink"

chav1: "oh I'll do it then" *SMACK*
by Po-nose April 20, 2006
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