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A blood fetish is when you get a sexual thrill from blood. This is NOT limited to period blood, contrary to many peoples' beliefs. Any blood will often satisfy a blood fetish. Biting to break skin or cutting the skin is an excellent way to satisfy a person with a blood fetish. Therefore, blood fetishes often go hand in hand with pain fetishes.
blood fetish
by Geemu January 30, 2014
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When you see a person (best friend, criminal, serial killer, vampire, etc.) covered in blood and you get weirdly aroused by the sighting of someone covered in blood, fake blood, real or otherwise. This does not contrast with period blood as contrary to popular belief.
Girl 1: "Hey, did you see that my roommate's got all these weird pictures of people covered in blood? And most of them are from cosplay and horror flicks.
Girl 2: "Eh, must have a real blood fetish or something. My brother's got the same fascination."
by Kathryn Santini October 18, 2016
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