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Alternatively spelled "rue". A mixture of flour an clarified butter in a saucepan, this is the basis of a very simple form of gravy which would be used to make then other, more complicated sauces with, used often in French cooking, just ask Julia Child. As you continue to cook a white rue it will turn into a blond rue, and then a brown rue, as the starches begin to color from the heat. Something you can mention if you want to sound like you know how to cook, but really can't.
Julia Child: "grubmleburmblblblbumble-and oh it's just lovely-gerrumblebumblegerblegarble-so we'll add a bit of oregano, or as the English would say-blahblahmubmlemubmlebumble- to our blond roux here-crappycantunderstandawordshesayswhyisthisoldhagontvgrumblegrumble."
by boronanon April 03, 2015
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