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Literally, worthy of blogging.

Describes an event, series of events, or (broadly) adventure that would be of general edification, amusement, and/or interest to humanity at large. The term is objective; thus, an adventure only interesting enough to appeal to one's friends or to readers of a blog on a specific topic does not apply.
By the time Don got back from his hard-negotiated eight minutes with Sheila, Mistress of the Thousand Pleasures, the trip to Vegas had become officially blogworthy.
by Shiney June 03, 2006
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When something happens in your day that is worth mentioning on your blog (web log).
Mike, "I can't believe that just happened. That is totally crazy."

Chad, "Make sure you Blog It."

MIke, "Ya, that is totally blog-worthy."
by Zilla December 14, 2004
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