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meaningless blog drivel clogging up the major search engines on the web; from the term grey goo

when doing a web search on a particular topic nowadays, especially on Google, it becomes increasingly common to have 70% or more of your search results on the first few pages be blog links, most of which are utterly useless

this occurs because gazillions of blog writers babble about a gazillion-squared rambling topics, most of which end up on big blog web pages with hundreds of other non-sequiter references to other blogs in big inane mish-mashes of links and buzz words

other blog writers then link to those blog pages, noting that so-and-so commented on whats-his-name's comment about joe-blow's timely blog on such-and-such a topic

link amplifiers like digg and technorati and gawker just compound the goo and inanity

now, when the major search engine spiders crawl all of these blog pages, and blog pages about blog pages, they see all of these links and crosslinks, thus artificially boosting the blog pages to higher search engine status, thus crowding out legitimate search responses


a simple fix would be if Google and the other search engines identified blog pages as different from regular web content pages, and gave the user the option of viewing search results comprised of no blog results, all blog results, or both

blogoo is the toe jam of the web

by dsimms April 21, 2008
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