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a 'person' who posts anywhere online to brag or complain (usually complain) about personal shit that no one cares about
blogfag: so today i went to gamestop to buy a copy of atelier totori. i brought some spaghetti with me, but i realized it was a big mistake when it begun slowly dripping out of my trenchcoat pockets as i waited in line. my face was so red when i walked up to the cashier with a trail of spaghetti behind me. i could hear the other people in line laughing and whispering about me. after stuttering 5 times in an attempt to ask for the game, i swiftly fled the store.

anonymous: stfu blogfag no1curr
by i hate nigs and spics January 03, 2015
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someone who reads many blogs only to gather them together and make their own blog about the subject.
us weekly said he was gay, and also tmz. so i re posted it to my blog fag.
by the yukon March 02, 2012
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