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A person who frequents "Conscious Festivals"and can barely hold down a job because "the universe is going to provide". Someone who sits in lotus posture and will not move for hours on end when they are supposed to be at work or helping the person they said they would help. Someone who fails to deal with reality in its entirety. Someone claims to want only peace and love in the world, and yet instead of contributing to the betterment of society, take hallucinogens like LSD or ayahuasca, and/or do tons of kundalini yoga to "raise their vibrations" because they cannot handle one second of "going into the matrix" to help the very same people "in the matrix" they said they would want to help.
Boss- "Hey have you seen Logan? He was supposed to be at work 4 hours ago."
Coworker- "Logan is at lightning in a bottle, didn't he tell you?"
Boss- "He said he'd be here"
Coworker- "He said he 'manifested a free ticket' this morning... What a blisshead!"
Boss- "He's fired, what an asshole"
by Fuckface1111 April 20, 2017
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