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a word used when something is almost so good that you could call it a blessing, but not quite. can also be used as a greeting.
example one
(school kid) wow, i see mr kinsman gave you an a* on your media essay, thats quite a blesage man.

example two
(school kid one)blessage.

(school kid two) ditto that.
by MohsinTheGreat May 11, 2009
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An extended version of the word "bless"
Kenzie:Yaww How was da jam last nightt?

Emilia: Blessages !

by HTDE July 26, 2009
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The essence created when you say "bless you"
When Parker sneezed and half of the class said "bless you", he was thankful for the blessage bestowed upon him
by Deadpoolinator16 May 13, 2017
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