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Lil purp β€˜bless yo trap’
by Yoshutup April 08, 2018
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"Bless Yo Trap" or "Blesseth Yo Trap" is a phrase popularized by a Soundcloud artist by the name "Smokepurpp".(He also goes by other monikers such as "Lil Water", "Purpp", and "Lil Purpp", ect) This phrase was first used by Smokepurpp in a song called "Bless Yo Trap" on his debut album "Deadstar", released in 2017. He went on and used this iconic phrase in other songs such as his single, "Geek Alot". The comedic alteration of "Bless Yo Trap", "Blesseth Yo Trap" was popularized by a You-Tuber named "CDTVProductions" in a video published in 2018 called "WORST Rappers in the Game? - Smokepurpp (Episode 19)" where he said "the man who Blesseth my Trap.".

From our understanding "Bless Yo Trap" is a phrase that is meant to wish someone(or many) the best of luck in their illegal activities.(mostly selling drugs) "Bless Yo Trap" also can just mean "I wish you the best of luck" without any correlation to illegal activities.
Person A: "Vro, I got a fuckin' history test tomorrow."

Person B: "Damn. Well, I gotta go, homie. Bless Yo Trap."

Person A: "Thanks, vro. Bless Yo Trap."
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by Purrpologist March 05, 2019
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