A fighting game series developed by arc system works where the story doesn't make any sense and the main villains are an android/clone yandere and a giant troll with green hair and the main character's brother makes weird incest innuendos
Friend: dude I just mastered hazama on blazblue
Me: dude stop playing that piece of shit game and play guilty gear
by xx_alldayeveryday_xx February 26, 2017
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A 2D fighting game that has the dumbest story in the world, some of the best gameplay in the genre, and is bullied by Guilty Gear players.
"Oh, do you play BlazeBlue Central Fiction?"
"Oh you mean Guilty Gear Strive?"
"I mean BlazBlue."
"Man, You've got a funny name for Guilty Gear."
by Yuuki Terumi November 11, 2020
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