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A mythical creature who lurks in the dark alleyways of Glasgow. A mean child snatcher. Vicious, ruthless, ready to pounce like a leopard. In fact some say that he has some sort of leopard skin fetish . Also people have apparently seen him jump from roof to roof in his XXL gimp suit. Basically he is a Glaswegian Loch Ness Monster. And a monster you do not want to meet especially at night when he is ready to pounce .
'Omg did you hear about the 15 children who were snatched from there parents'.

'Yes I heard it was Blarister'
by P33do watcher February 12, 2015
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A child snatcher with a very large basement he is a priest and is always on the hunt for people under the age of 16 to hurt mentaly and physicaly either by given golden showers or by showing them a picture of his 10 foot snake
Oh no its blarister run
by tm99 February 12, 2015
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Codename used for child groomer in the catholic church. Named after the late great Blair's dad who once said "sit down my children"
Don't let your kid near that house, blarister lives there.
by SonOfPhysics February 12, 2015
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