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blaine anderson is a fictional character, who is in glee, played by none other than DARREN CRISS (who many people including myself simp for). he has an

amazing singing voice, and in my opinion one of the strongest out of the glee club.

blaine anderson has some of the best dance moves and is also iconic for his unconventional love for hair gel, his nickname “blaine warbler”, his hilarious dramatic lines and reactions throughout the show and much much more!

here’s an iconic blaine anderson quote to take away with you today:
“ladies and gentlemen, telling anyone what they can and cannot put into their hair is disgusting. it’s the first step towards tyranny my friends. next thing you know they’ll start burning books... and then they’ll probably start burning people too.”
person 1: i’m loving glee, i’m on season 5 already!

person 2: aaaaaaa yesss i finished it a month ago, blaine anderson is deeeeefinitely my favourite character

person 1: ohmygod same! i love blaine anderson he’s so funny!
by wowowowowoowwoowowowow March 15, 2021
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the best character on quite possible the best tv show ever, glee. he’s breathtakingly gorgeous and his voice is perfect. quite possibly the love of my life even though he doesn’t really exist. kurt hummel is his soulmate and if ANYONE comes between them i will attack you.
oh my god, that man has the best voice ever and he is gorgeous!!
he must be blaine anderson!
by mashford July 14, 2019
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A dapper young gentleman from the show Glee, who is part of the Dalton Warblers, an a Capella singing group. He is openly gay and currently dating Kurt Hummel. Has a penchant for jumping on furniture.
That Blaine Anderson is so dapper and ridiculously adorable I want to pince his cheeks.
by TheDapperSpork August 12, 2011
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A super hot and charming character on the popular TV show "Glee". He is an "out-and-proud" gay student at Dalton Academy and is in their glee group (the Warblers). He was introduced in the episode "Never Been Kissed" and, though he is currently just a mentor and good friend to Kurt, there's so much implication that he's going to be Kurt's boyfriend, it's not even funny.
Because Blaine Anderson sang with Kurt Hummel in a duet singing "Baby, It's Cold Outside", many fans are getting extremely impatient and just want them to kiss already.
by Phoenix Nykvist January 10, 2011
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