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a party in which all normal white lightbulbs are replaced with blacklight lightbulbs. all guests should wear fluorescent clothing (mostly white) that will glow in the blacklight. also, bring lots of highlighter to draw on one another since the ink glows in the light.
"i have to go shopping for the blacklight party tonight! gotta get something fluorescent."
"dude, last night i got wasted and passed out at the blacklight party. when i woke up, i was covered in glowing highlighter."
by liveeeyolifee May 02, 2009
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The best type of party ever invented in the history of ever!!!!!! You can't see the lights but everything white shows up and glows. Black Lights makes everything awesome.
Jacob: Dude, that blacklight party was sick!

Tom: Yeah I know, but your shirt was killer!

Jacob: Yeah it totally showed up under the lights so well!
by Mr.Potato Pants January 27, 2013
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