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People of West-Africa, Black Slavers, people of black origin that have enslaved their own kind. Nigerian Africans, Slavers that are black people. New age term: West Africans, People of the colonial time in West-African or people of descendents of Slavers, Black people slavers, are termed Nigers or Niger which is used frequently in the streets as slang offensive coined term for descendents of West African point of the Slave Triangle. Nigerians, descendents who enslaved black people and sold them for bottles of cotton gin, muskets, and other invaluable items during the British colonial rule. These people are termed Nigers, which gained popularity from US history class and the film named 'Django' which refers Stephen as a black slaver or a Niger(s)

there is a difference between a Niger and a black man.
black slaver should pay for reparations.
by Americanpolitics21 May 15, 2014
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