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The black flag nation or bfn is a group of faggoty teenagers in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, who think they are all cool and edgy because they are anarchists. They don't have members across the U.S. or Europe or Asia. No one from any government agency has ever investigated members of their group, because they don't do shit. Any crimes on their records probably aren't any worse than jaywalking.
P.S. their grammar is terrible.
Go ahead mess with him, he's just a pussy from black flag nation
by A(E) July 29, 2012
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the black flag nation or bfn is an anarchist milita founded may 5th 2010 in murfreesboro tennessee to promote anarchist unity, anarchist militancy, and the protection of anarchist people. They are belived to have members across the u.s. as well as in europe and asia. Its belived that the department of homeland security in the u.s. has investigated members of the black flag nation. Alleged members have been accused of drug related crimes, vandalism, and assaults.
Dont mess with him hes a black flag nation member.
by E(A) July 28, 2012
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