Large swarms of locusts that sometimes plague midwestern farms by eating all of the crops. They are referred to as black blizzards because there are so many of them that the sun gets blotted out.
Farmer Joe: "Marge there's a storm comin'"

Marge: "That's no regular storm Joe, that's a Black Blizzard full of locusts."
by Soupnazi710 February 8, 2007
A violent form of self-torture.
A bad way to lose your lunch.

The fecal matter sprays out while it remains to be extremely hot. Therefore burning your butthole. Can be accompanied with screaming.
Guy 1: Dood I knew I shouldn't of eaten Taco Bell! It gave me a Black Blizzard of Liquid Fire!
Guy 2: I warned you man...
Guy 1: I know, now I'm gonna be sore all week and my boss is gonna ask why I'm limping again...*sigh*
by wolfclaw92 July 19, 2008
Feceiving what is known as a facial for men have from an African-American male
Oh my gosh, Tony gave me an epic black blizzard last night!
by Dick Eli December 3, 2015