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A “bla week” is an expression commonly used to describe the condition of one’s life. Someone who is having a “bla week” often shows signs of mild depression, hopelessness, and may have a void in their life. The condition is common to all humans and it is not seen outside the realm of human emotions. (i.e. not seen in the animal kingdom) It is theoretically possible that all humans will suffer from a “bla week” sometime in their lifetime. Individuals suffering from this condition should be presented with ample opportunities to make corrections to their current affairs. Remedies include; gift giving with the intent to cheer the patient up, talking with the individual to find the cause of the “bla week,” removing negative stimuli which reinforces the condition, and if all else fails, the individual can be left alone until a self-evaluation is completed and he or she takes corrective action on their own.
"How's it going Jennifer?" "Eh, its been a bla week."
by hopscotchbooger April 14, 2010
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