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One who devotes their life to either hoarding or selling bitches,usually for their beinift. Bitchmonging is commonly performed for the monger's sexual pleasure (although i don't know why); however, it is known that some crazed individuals do it just because...well...they are crazed.
A bitchmonger can also be a derrogatory term for someone who is being exceedingly bitchy.
"Wow, do you know that hermit that lives in the cave on 53rd street? He is a huge bitchmonger. He's been buying and selling bitches his entire life."

"She is such a bitchmonger! AGH!"
by JewC May 28, 2008
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Someone who is not a bitch themselves but hangs out with bitches so they get classified as one
girl one: why does everyone hate heather? shes nice when shes alone?
girl two: because shes a bitch monger theres nothing that can be done.
by georgiageorge June 16, 2009
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