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n: cowboy boots with a metal toe

the metal toe enables the redneck abuser to have more impact with less force
"When I got home Lurline didn't have dinner ready. Good thing I was wearing my bitch kickers, so I didn't mess up my pedicure when I was learnin her a lesson!"
by BTheWordMaker January 20, 2008
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1980's slang for shoes made by the company British Knight. The shoes that this company made during the late 80's usually had a big BK somewhere on the shoe and that's where the term bitch kickers comes from.
guy 1: I just bought some bitch kickers from foot locker.

guy 2: Oh cool, I like their High Tops.
by your adolescent mother January 23, 2011
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One who kickes bitch eather being dogs or humans.
You didn't have to do that you bithckicker.
by Bob June 03, 2004
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An appellation for high heels or stilettos. This phrase became widely popular in the late 90s and early 00s following the release of media phenomenons, such as Charlie's Angels, which boldly depicted women kickiong ass and taking names in a pair of killer shoes.

Maya: I hear the party down at Club Expressions is going to be pretty off the wall tonight.

Jen: You're right. Better bring my best bitch kickers.
by Lady_Terranova July 06, 2009
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