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a smart intelligent girl that is perfect for a relationship but often mistaken as a hoe or thot. they are very independent, and hard headed and should always be taken seriously. they are often found in a red and black tie, white shirt and navy blue skirt. most are in to sports, others are their school work. they are funny and are usually the life of the party.
boy: hi what school do you go to
girl: bishop anstey high school
boy: so your a bishop gyal

girl: the best kind of gyal
by badmangoat101 July 24, 2017
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A bishop gyal is know as one of the baddest gyal out there. Dont let them anywhere near your man cuz they will steal them. They does real like to talk and considerd the life of the party.
Bai ah want a bishop gyal
by IMadeYouReadThisXD March 04, 2018
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