A person who has the capability to be sexually and/or romantically attracted to people of the same gender or to people of other genders.

This means a bisexual can be attracted to people who identify as transgender, gender fluid, agender, etc.
Being bisexual does not also mean they are into threesomes; that is a personal choice regardless of someone's sexual identity.

Being bisexual does not also mean they are unfaithful; that is a personal choice regardless of someone's sexual identity.
Although I'm female and I have a girlfriend, I do not identify as lesbian; I am bisexual.
by FaerieGrrl July 24, 2015
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This word is commonly misunderstood. The most commonly known definition of bisexual is "Liking both men and women." This is incorrect. The real definition is having a romantic or sexual attraction to two of the genders (such as liking trangender males and males, or females and transgender males, etc.)
I'm bisexual.
So you like men and women?
No, I like transgender males and cis males.
by LGBTSafeZone January 12, 2016
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1. a person that will engage in either a homosexual or heterosexual relationship. BUT THERE IS A PREFERENCE: having no preference at all is called pansexual. True bisexuals will go either way, but for the fact that they enjoy certain aspects of that gender (ex. penis, vagina...). pansexuals actually don't care at all and take no care in physical aspects, they only care about emotional. don't confuse the 2.

2. what bisexual isn't:

- over-sexed individuals looking to hump anything and EVERYTHING

- teenage girls that will make out with other girls so they can look "hot"

- whores (save a few of us)

-confused. there's a difference between being gay/lesbian/bisexual and being confused. teenagers just need to chillax...
1. "Hey, is he still going out with his girlfriend?"
"Nah, he dumped her for his new boyfriend."
"Is he gay?!"
"Nah, man, he's bisexual."

2. "Did you see her making out with that chick?!?!"
"Yeah and?"
"She's bi, dude! That's so fecking hot!"
"Dude, she's straight, and her desperate attempts are obviously working..."
by Call me Skeez May 22, 2009
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Bi stands for bismuth according to the periodic table of elements. You'll be sexually aroused with Pepto Bismol after trying it because bismuth contains toxic that you'll be tripping with.
Example 1:
Mack: Yo wants some ecstasy to get some sexy ladies?
Jim: Nah I'm Bi-Sexual. Pepto Bismol FTW!
Example 2:
Ryan: I'm sorry, Big Mac! I'm gonna be Bi-Sexual! You won't upset my stomach anymore, Big Mac!
by Marketkid February 28, 2011
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A person who sticks their hands down someone's pants, and is happy with whatever they find.
(wife and husband aruging) ..
Husband: "You got it all wrong! I'm not seeing another woman, I'm seeing another man."
Wife: "Oh, I had no idea you were bisexual!"
by lianaa August 09, 2006
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Someone (male or female) who dig both the cock and the pussy
Ryan: I am not gay because I sucked Jon's cock, I fuck bitches too!
Mike: That means your Bi-Sexual!! Your half Fag!! Eww!
by Dumby August 03, 2007
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