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Lord Helix has blessed us with some lag to allow Pidgeotto to finally evolve after the 4th try to Pidgeot Bird Jesus.

Bird Jesus: Originally a Pidgey who evolved into a Pidgeotto and, through great effort, a Pidgeot. A tank, at the highest level of all the current Pokemon. The backbone and savior of the team, and chosen one of the great Helix Fossil. Reborn as "aaabaaajss" (or "Abba Jesus")
Praise the almighty Bird Jesus and our savior, Lord Helix.
by Lord helix February 22, 2014
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(n.) One of the members of the Holy Bird Trinity; son of Bird God

(adj.) related or pertaining to either Pelican Jesus or Katy Perry.

Note: Bird Jesus only exists within the religion of Bird Christianity. It, along with Bom and Scientology, make up the three Abrahamic bird religions.
Noun: Bird Jesus saved us from our sins.

Adjective: That song sounds so Bird Jesus.
by Anonymous Clammy October 02, 2017
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