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A type of bogos which is binted
An action (any)
This word can be used for ANYTHING.
This binted bogos tastes nice
I binted your bogos
by BintedBogos1 April 27, 2022
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bogos binted has no meaning and is usually indecipherable. However, it is usually used to confuse one or escape a question.
Did you print out your photos?
bogos binted?
by Hoo boy September 16, 2020
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"Hey just wondering if you got your photos printed?"
"Bogos binted?"
by Cava the musical June 19, 2021
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"Bogos Binted" is the only known translation that was produced from studying interstellar electromagnetic waves, coming from planet Kepler-22B. We believe it is an ancient race of otherworldly beings trying to communicate with a past version of ourselves, as they would have needed to calculate the time that both the light and the waves would travel in order to reach us. This means that in order to translate, we had to connect it to ancient languages, such as Ancient Pasylyptonian, and translate those messages to today's modern English.

Today, the message means that the person who spoke the words believes that the person receiving it is alien to them, and that they do not wish to make contact for a long time. This is due to the phrased roots, of being sent by aliens and not being received until millions of years later. Essentially, it can be used as an insult, or as a way to end a relationship.
"Hey man, wanna hang out later?"
"Bogos Binted."
"Oh.. I'm sorry, I'll leave"
by The kids are gone August 10, 2021
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an alien word for photos printed
Hey, did you get your photos printed?
bogos binted?
by anidiotontheinternet69 June 22, 2021
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how to respond if someone asked if you got your photos printed
p1 "hey, did yo get your photos printed"
p2 "bogos binted?"
p1 "what?"
by Not-Binted April 3, 2022
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"Hey, just wondering did you get your photos printed?"
"Bogos binted?"
by bobisgreat? October 5, 2021
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