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A soldier never walks alone; a soldier always has at least one other with him. Together, they form the 2-man-team, the buddy-team, and in the rarest cases, they go further to form the binom.

A term coined in the army, "binom" describes the smallest unit in military unit structure, always consisting of only two - hence the name. Together, they are capable of anything and never vulnerable. Lying in their foxhole, observing, fighting, guarding; the binom takes turns; one rests, one wakes.

Thus, in combat, in peril, in life - the binom assigned to you or chosen by you will always be your one last hope, the one person you can always count on, you can always trust in. Your best friend, your life insurance, the platonic love of your life.

Names become irrelevant. He calls you binom, because you are his; you call him binom, because he is yours; together you form the binom.

You are his subordinate, at the same time his superior, you must follow his orders same as he must follow yours. Without hesitation, without question. You both know the binom would never take advantage. Long after your army service ends, the bond to the binom and his presence in your life will still persist, forever present. A finer friend than the one you suffered with, lying in the mud, running through the blizzard, wet to the bones you will never have.

Girlfriend: "So who is this binom you speak of so often?"
You: "He's been my best pal for years."
Girlfriend: "So why not just call him best friend or bro? And why do you guys always call each other "binom"?"
You: "You would never understand."


You: "Binom, book the next flight here right now, no time to explain!"
Him: "Yes."
by binom August 13, 2012
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