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Bin man glam, is a new and exciting style! It's a cross between grunge and indie. Think black, grey jeans, boots or converse, some kinda hat or scruffy yet styled hair. A dull, dark coat...think duffle or fitted plain down to the waist. Accompanied with a one tone jumper or plain vibrant colour top, like a maroon jumper. The aim of this look is to look like you didnt try, infact you almost sabotaged your look and yet it suits you.
Think old school Mikey way the odd Kate Moss look at Glastonbury, Alex Zane etc. - Bin man glam is the 2007-08 style that will hit emos and indies in the face and say get on with each other, because we are all people of the MTV generation and no one gives one!

by Robyn Spencer May 24, 2007
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