A very talented musician, who plays guitar, drums, harmonica, mandolin and piano (and i'm sure a whole lot more). He is the lead singer of a musically talented band called Green Day. He's been singing since he was about 4 and I have to admit the singing has paid off. He's got one of the best rocker voices known to man! He writes most of the songs for Green Day and is very good with that!
He is married and has 2 kids and I find it very disturbing that 14 year old girls are turned on by a 34 year old happily married man with kids. Find someone your own age!
Teen : Omg i love Billie joe armstrong he is like my future husband!
Me : You know he's married right?
Teen : What? Your kidding right?
Me : Nope, plus he's got 2 kids!
Teen : No my life has ended!!!!
Me : For gods sake.. he's 34! and your 14!!!
Teen : So?
Me : What has this world come to?!!!!
by gdlun May 06, 2006
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Singer/guitarist of sucessful California band Green Day. Has a hot voice and, according to many including myself, looks to match.
Me: So how many Green Day songs do you know?
Teeny Bopper: Um... American Idiot... and... BLVD OF BROKEN DREAMS!
Me: So why are you spending $200 on concert tickets if you only know two songs?
Teeny Bopper: Cause Billie Joe Armstrong is so dreamy...
Me: Yeah... I know what you mean.
by IluvB123 March 04, 2005
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billie joe is married to Adrienne and they have two children anyone who is not mentally retarded would know that
I want to marry billie joe from greenday he is teh best eva wooot i own joooo.
by billie joe has infinite wives February 01, 2005
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The lead singer/guitarist of Green Day. Has been known to cuss a lot and expose himself in front of thousands of people.
"All hail Billie Joe Armstrong, the defintion of SEXY"
by yo mama November 06, 2004
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The Most Talented Song Writer and Vocalist in Rock and Role. For all you trendy anti mainstream faggots, they did not sell out they just got better. And that second guitarist has been around since 1999 and it isn't lazyness, it's called adding depth to the music. Also, for the record the reason why bands like Green Day and Fall Out Boy get signed is because they have talent. Unlike worthless hardcore bands and such that will never go any where. Also about the second guitarist, it is true that he is not technically part of the band but Everyone owes green day cheer for putting him in a music video no band does that and it showed true appreciation for his help.
Who's that lead singer for Green Day who has wrote more top ten hits then Alvin and the Chipmunks?

Billie Joe Armstrong

yea that's him I think they have wrote 22 top ten hits now.

Fierce man!
by Mikey Phillips September 26, 2005
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Billie Joe Armstrong is a California-born and bred rockstar. He was born February 17, 1971. He currently plays in the band Green Day with friends Mike Dirnt (born Michael Pritchard) and Tre Cool(born Frank Edwin Wright III).
He is a father of two sons - Joseph Marciano Armstrong and Jakob Danger Armstrong. He married his wife, Adrienne Nesser Armstrong in July 1994.
He has been in two movies: "Bullet In A Bible" and "Live Freaky! Die Freaky!" He also played the Ghostly Betting Man on the television series "Haunted" in 2002.
Billie Joe Armstrong is the frontman of Green Day.
by negativexhabit April 02, 2007
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