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The greatest color commentator in the history of Western Civilization
Bill Walton, after being asked about the Knicks point guard play in the NBA Finals: (Turns his head and looks directly into the camera, pauses)..."Charlie Ward sucks"

Walton: That has to be a foul.
Snapper Jones: Against who?
Walton: Against the game of basketball!

Walton: Greg Ostertag is one of the top centers on this planet

Walton: Balderdash, this is the playoffs!

Walton: Tracy McGrady is doing things weโ€™ve never seen from anybody โ€“ from any planet!

Walton: And just a horrible pass from Walton (Luke Walton, his son)

Walton: That was the worst inbounds pass in the history of the Clippers organization.

Walton: Larry Johnson, who spent the last 48 hours railing against the world, what a pathetic performance by this sad human being. This is a disgrace to the game of basketball and to the NBA. He played like a disgrace tonight. And he deserved it.

Walton: Abbie Hoffman wasn't a fugitive from Justice, Justice was a fugitive from Abbie Hoffman.
by Brian P. Steelhammer January 03, 2008
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Was once a great NBA center, but is now absolutely the stupidest and most annoying basketball commentator alive.
by DirkD January 23, 2007
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