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What you scream when your Xbox 360 gets the Red Ring Of Death thus rendering it useless as anything but a paperweight.

Actually its a phrase I started saying after my 2nd, yes my second fucking Xbox 360 flopped due to the RROD. I got the idea from one of those Myspace bullitens that said something about not sending it to 10 ppl will result in the ghost of a dead girl appearing and raping your cat or somthing.
On my way to exchange my xbox i thought to myself, I bet Bill Gates was waiting for me to leave so he could sneak in and rape my cat.
Thus was born my new phrase whe ppl ask me what I think of the RROD, I say 2 them, "I had it twice, It was just an excuse for BG to rape my cat."
{Dude sitting there playing 360}
{360 goes into Red Ring Of Death Mode}
Dude: Shit! My 360 froze and I got the RROD!
{While dude takes 360 back to store for warranty Bill Gates shows up and rapes his cat.}
{Dude jokes to guy at Gamestop about Bill Gates raping his cat.}
{Gude gets back home and realizes that it did in fact
by Russ Bus November 07, 2007
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