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(N.) A person who sells drugs (usually marijuana)from a bike. Not the usual car or street corner dealer. Bikemen are always an hour late to everything because they have to ride their bikes.
(N.) Bikeman is the shit foo. He can get a half pound for 200
by cr45du57 January 15, 2007
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The bike man is the guy in your hood who drives around in an 80's full size pick-up truck or rapist pannel van and picks up abandoned and broke bikes from the garbage, he then fixes them and sells them. Dispite being the "bike man" he(or she, although rarely she) is often too portly/out of shape to ride and dosen't come of as a cyclist. Great source for vintage road bike frames to convert to a "fixie".

Q: Hey John, where did you get that sweet Peugeot fixie?
A: I bought the frame off Dave the bikeman, and built the rest myself.
by flatblackrob September 27, 2007
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A person who can bicycle through thick urban areas skillfully who is paid in dinners for the purpose of a courier.
You need your shirt and it's at Bill's house? Have a bikeman get it. You have to pay him you know.
by silverseal September 16, 2011
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