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Pulling a Bigtown is doing something stupid, like something a really drunk person would do, whether or not you are actually drunk.
Wow, I really pulled a Bigtown when I got in that bar fight during the World Cup after falling off the wagon with Bavarian Bigtown!
by Amber Gregory November 16, 2006
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A belligerent, alcoholic stingray. Incapable of holding a job. Graduate of Bigtown State University. Currently married to Mrs. Super Mega Bigtown with three sons, Fuzzytown, Little Bigtown and Lil Broun Bigtown. Has several siblings, including Shpotted Bigtown, the father of Mrs. Super Mega Bigtown's illegitimate son, Sparkly Bigtown.
Where is Bigtown?

Bigtown is hangin' aroun.
by Amber Gregory September 29, 2006
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