That could be either of the two biggest digits on your feet;
or when spelled thusly: Big T.O.E. refers to the Big Theory Of Everything, which by it self, is self explanatory.
1. OUCH!!!!!!! I crushed my big toe!
2. The Big Theory Of Everything is a complicated mess of facts, figures and things totalling the sum 42.
by J. Michael Reiter April 29, 2005
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Derived from the name 'Blackmore-Heal'; to have a large unlucky toe.
"Hey, did you hear about Adam not being able to get into the Army, it was because of his bigtoe."
by bigtoe November 3, 2004
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Someone who has an undeniably large big toe in comparison to the opposite toe, and other toes in the population of the world.
i) "Woah! Adam, you've got a fuckin' big toe. That's your new name: Bigtoe. Live with it."
by Blenks November 2, 2004
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When the big toe is used to penetrate the anus, and then you lick on the big toe.
That bitch asked me to do a bootyhole bigtoe last night for a mcchicken.
by The Mcchicken Man October 10, 2020
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A cool person on the Perfect World International - Lost City server. He is a sexy veno.
BigToes just helped me do a HH run.
by BigToes February 16, 2010
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