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1) Insane beyond all other terms
2) Massive
3) Impressive
1) "Wow, I hope you saw that, because that was the most bigdiculous thing I have ever seen!!"
2) "The sheer size was bigdiculous."
3) "I have to say, of all the moves that guy has pulled on people at this bar, that was the most bigdiculous!"
by Cooter B of D.C. December 28, 2007
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1) Something that is beyond ridiculous, and takes someone with a large penis to pull off.

2) Something ridiculously sexual.

3) Someone who factually has an unusually large penis. Generally characterized as being over 12 inches.
1) That backwards flip off the roof in to a pool was bigdiculous.

2) You see that girl over there, humping the pole? That's bigdiculous!

3) I've heard Alex is bigdiculous.
by Alex Kellerman July 24, 2006
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