literally a large sandwich is a refrence to the sitcom wings and at every event on nantucket they thought they had to get a "big sandwich" from a deli there.
helen says we should celebrate brian's engagement
lowell says I 'll go pick up a Big sandwich.
by slamming sammy May 14, 2009
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When hungover and or drunk, and ordering food of any kind thru a drive thru intercom, to throw off the drive thru attendant employee's concentration.
After we woke up, we all went to Jack in the Box and Chris told the drive thru girl he wanted to order a Big Dick Sandwich!
by Chris Randle January 02, 2009
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The phrase loosely stands for a Bad Conduct Discharge issued from any military service.
"Airman Turd got his Big Chicken Sandwich yeasterday."
by Embuste July 13, 2007
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The top tier on the scale of Wifey-material-ness.

Also: Female Equivalent of “Big Dick Energy
Justin: “Bro she was cleaning up after everyone left the party! Wasn’t even her party”

Enzo: “Bro! That’s big sandwich energy
by Lmao4x April 30, 2021
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verb- giving an unexpected or very intense disappointment to another person, team, group, ect.
The Giants gave the Patriots a big shit sandwich in the Superbowl.
by ǝɹǝɥsıʇdnɐɥ January 12, 2009
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