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term originally coined by youtube sensation, theChengman. exact definition is however unclear. big foig can mean anything from an insult to a term of endearment. just let the meaning come to you when the moment is right and don't hold back. you'll understand - simple as that ya BIG FOIGGG!
guy 1: oh dang, yo pecs are huge! can i touch em??
guy 2: hells nah ya BIG FOIG!

guy 1: yo i love you man
guy 2: give me a hug ya BIG FOIG!
by j.whiz July 16, 2011
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There is no set definition of the word, it can be used in a variety of situations. Its hard to describe you just have to see the word in action and get a feel for how its used. to try to describe it i'd say its used for when something said or done is crazy, stupid, f-ed up ect.

A acronym which most often stands for Faggot.
Originated from a Vancouver youtuber called TheChengman.
Ex1:When you see that your friend can't dance, you call them " Big Foig!"

Ex2:Person1: I had 2 girls making out with me.
Person2: yeah 2 ugly girls
Person3: You big foig!
by MangoBalls May 28, 2011
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A replacement for a swear word so it is appropriate to say everywhere and any where

Originated from the youtube channel Thechengman
Your a dumb-ass = Your a big foig
by bobbyy123 June 06, 2011
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