1)a big guy who loves to drink beer and get high.

2) very good story teller, no one knows if he stories are true, or how they come about, but they sure do make good high conversations.

3)best roller of the piff in the land.

1) yo big jon drank to much and smoked to much so he had bad dominoes again.

2) dude, last nite i went to canada with my frat, and got jerked off by a stripper, after that she went n bought me piff. omg man it was fucking awesome.

3) look at the perfection, no one rolls better then me.
by sir smoke a-lot April 8, 2007
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big gains, large profits, and massi quantities.
bruh we getting them big jons

yardy kno brah
by gatfrat June 21, 2018
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big daddy jon is a big badass that can call you baby boi when you pass him in the hall or at a Raider meet
big daddy jon helped me get over that 12 foot wall in december
by Baby Boi Brendan February 25, 2022
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